Source Weekly Guest Art Director

I was guest Art Director for this weeks Source Weekly—on stands now. I pitched the idea a few months back, and they decided it would be a great story for the beginning of fall + give the writers, editor and designers a nice break after a busy summer with “Best Of” and the “20th Anniversary” issues.

I started out with a super sexy spreadsheet, to help me organize the shoot. The idea I pitched was for style based on the zodiac, and I was going to need 12 (13 with gemini) models, 2 hairstylists, 2 makeup artists, a photographer, lots of accessories, and a studio.

I created mood boards to keep everyone on the same page, as far as style and inspiration; the team was able to see who they were styling, what to expect, and what products they were going to need day-off.

After the shoot was done, I did the layout and cover design, plus provided bullet points for the finished copy.

If you’re in Bend, pick up a copy this week and check it out and let me know what you think!

Contact for More Information

  • Photography: Michelle Simmons of The Suitcase Studio // @thesuitcasestudio
  • Art direction + layout: Kristi Simmons // @persimmon_creative
  • Studio location: Gray and Mae Studios // @grayandmaestudios
  • Hair: Astacia Christenson (@astacia_hair) and Erica Congemi (@gemi_hair)
  • Makeup: Kate Podwils @kate_hana_artistry and Nutasha Duran @n_u_n_u_mua
  • Style: Angela Dietrich (@cosa.cura) and Astacia Christenson and Kristi Simmons

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